5 – 9 YEARS


10 – 15 YEARS


16 YEARS +

JUNIORS (5-9 yrs)

WE WILL help you LEARN about yourself and what you can achieve.

  • A Safe, Fun & Enjoyable Introduction Program
  • Basic Martial Arts and/or Boxing Skills
  • Teaching Physical Co-ordination
  • Promoting Mental Strength & Well Being
  • Providing Structure & Discipline
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Enhancing Respect for Self & Others
YOUTHS (10 – 15 YRS)
we are all in this together and we all want you to succeed
  • A Safe, Fun & Enjoyable Program for all Levels
  • Basic – Advanced Martial Arts and/or Boxing Skills
  • Teaching Self Control, Discipline & Respect for Others
  • Promoting Mental Strength, Teamwork, Self-Belief & Well Being
  • Providing A Challenging Inclusive Environment & A Progressive Structure
  • Building Self Confidence, Self Respect & Social Skills/Interaction
  • Enhancing Life Skills & Physical Fitness


LEARN about yourself and what you can achieve.
  • A Safe, Fun & Enjoyable Program for all
  • Non-Intimidating Environment Ideal for all Levels
  • Offering Boxing, Thai/Kicboxing & HiiT Training
  • Personal Goal Led Progression
  • Promoting Teamwork, Self-Belief, Mental & Physical Health and Well Being
  • Providing A Challenging Inclusive Environment
  • Building Self Respect & Social Skills/Interaction
  • Enhancing Self Confidence & General Physical Fitness

Our upcoming BOxing & THAI/KICKBOXING taster sessions

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Jemma Foulds
Jemma Foulds
8. May, 2024.
I've been going to Fit2Box Gym for about three weeks now. Myself and my Daughter joined the Ladies Boxing Course. We have just signed up to be regular members as we're enjoying the course so much. The Gym has a great vibe, it's clean, well equipped and kind of homely despite being a boxing gym! The other members of our course are friendly, and we're all getting to know each other more each week. Carl and Ollie provide great sessions. As well as being informative, they are fun, and the guys are always patient with us while we're learning the more technical bits. If you want something different from a regular gym, you won't be disappointed.
Sineade Holloway
Sineade Holloway
11. April, 2024.
Started going to Fit 2 Box as a beginner in the ladies kickboxing course and decided to sign up to the regular sessions. One of the best things I've ever done. As someone just starting out on a fitness journey Jenny & Carl are so supportive and motivational, my confidence has increased hugely in a few short weeks. Thank you to the team for making it such a welcoming and supportive space!
Zhelah Ismael
Zhelah Ismael
15. March, 2024.
My kids are so excited every single time
Steph Laan
Steph Laan
10. March, 2024.
Last night was my first kickbox session of a 4 weeks course. It was great, Lovely atmosphere, feeling reassured and welcomed! Definitely recommend!
26. January, 2024.
We are an alternative provider that works with young people with learning disabilities and behaviour related issues and young offenders, We have used fit 2 box for over ten years . The staff are fantastic and have a great understanding of the young people who attended sessions at the gym , it's great for rebuilding confidence and self-esteem and coordination. We often work with very angry young people and the space and support helps as an outlet first and rebuilding as a continuing theme , the results are incredible if you have any doubt please go talk to Carl and the team and you can see for yourself.
Alex Barratt
Alex Barratt
23. January, 2024.
Carl and Jenny are great trainers
Fully qualified team of specialist Instructors & Coaches


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