As we move into a new year, with new goals, there are many of you who have only been with Fit 2 Box Gym for a short time. Consequently, you may not be familiar with the various progressive training options, outside of your monthly program, which may land in your inbox throughout the year.

So lets try to simplify things:

Grading: For Thai / Kickboxing. Grading / Test days take place approx. 3 times per year. It’s like a practical exam with results, percentage pass marks, feedback etc.  Students receive a medal and certificate for each level successfully attained. At the higher levels the system changes slightly (see below).

Phase Test: This is the Boxing version of the above.

Final Assessment Day: Higher levels will be assessed on an ongoing basis, culminating in a Final Assessment Day.

Masterclass: In the lead up to Grading / Phase Test days, we offer the opportunity to attend up to 3 Masterclasses which offer an insight into testing formats and also focus on the specific requirements of individuals in a smaller class setting. They are designed to optimize skill sets and confidence. Students attending these classes generally score higher and arrive at testing days better prepared.

Pre-Assessment Classes: Similar to Master Classes but for higher levels, who progress via ongoing class assessment (explained above). It is crucial that higher level students attend these classes when possible if they wish to move forwards regularly. Skills are marked as completed before being invited to attend the Final Assessment Day.

Sparring Clinic: Sparring in any style is a personal choice. We therefore offer this as an extra for those who wish to move in that direction. To qualify for this class you must have completed at least one grade/phase test and be attending regular training. The coaching team will always assess on an individual basis to ensure that it is the right time for you to make this move. We schedule these classes twice per month.

All of the above are regular optional extras which you will receive payment links for accordingly. In terms of moving students onto higher levels or more advanced groups, this process is how we assess progress, so that there is a written format for referral.

Please look out for these items as they drop into your inbox, and let us know if you have any further questions.

Good luck with achieving your goals in 2024!

Fit 2 Box Team