What a great initial response from our members to the Annual  Community Christmas Charity Appeal.

Our focus this year has been on Children locally in need, and also local food banks, collecting toys and gifts as well as long life foods.

We have already run out of space and will shortly be boxing up the first wave of goods for delivery. We still need your support, and even if we get too close to Christmas to distribute in time, the various charity agencies will be delighted to get a head start on next year. Last year we delivered 10 boxes on 20th December which have been used this year. Also the food banks will be delighted to receive your support at any time!

The Charity table is in the reception area at the gym. Also we have had a number of members wishing to donate money as they have not had time to shop. For this year we will still be doing things the old fashioned way. We will gratefully accept your donation, and then do the shopping for you. Next year we will be more organized with perhaps a Just Giving page or similar – although we quite like the personal touch, plus our representatives deliver personally and know that every single item will reach it’s intended recipient.

Thanks, once again for your continued support!