Lovely to meet our new Early Risers this morning!

Today marked the commencement of our Early Riser Boxing Course. We welcomed our fantastic new course attendees at 6:30 am.

This is a beginner-friendly boxing course, which runs for 4 weeks. These courses are brilliant for adults who wish to learn boxing alongside fellow beginners, and improve their fitness. In no time, we’ll be able to phase these guys onto our popular Early Risers regular class, where we will continue to help them achieve their goals!

It’s not easy taking the first step in starting a fitness journey, especially at the crack of dawn! To our new members: thank you for bringing your passion and enthusiasm. Your willingness to learn boxing and embrace the new challenge is inspiring. Today was just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see our new course attendees improve and progress over the next four weeks.

Look out for the next opportunity to get involved in a 4 week beginners course of your choosing!