1:2:1 Training has exploded at Fit 2 Box, with a number of coaches available across the styles.

This is your session and we can put together a bespoke training program to suit your requirements. Here are just a few of the reasons that people choose the 1:2:1 training route.

  • A kickstart with a view to moving to group classes
  • A confidence booster ahead of group classes
  • The opportunity to move forwards at a faster rate
  • Preparation for grading or phase testing.
  • A quieter environment
  • Specific target training
  • Professional assistance or fine tuning for competitors
  • Specific fitness / strength & conditioning goals

You don’t have to come alone, work in pairs or a small group of 3 if you prefer.

We now offer 3 levels of coach:

Senior – 3-5 years coaching experience, Premium – Up to 10 years coaching experience. Elite -10 Years + coaching experience. Our top coaches have 20 and 35 years coaching experience.

We will work with you to create the very best results!

Message today for more info: info@fit2boxgym.com