Adult Boxing Programme

With our programme, you can develop your skills in boxing and become more confident within the sport. We will introduce you to boxing if you haven’t had any experience before and show you the structure and discipline catering for all levels. Our sessions are designed to improve your confidence, self-esteem and physical skills. These sessions can really help you progress through the levels of boxing and become the best you can be. We believe in minimum contact for maximum learning, we have additional sparring classes available for combat progressive members. We will give you multiple coach sessions 2+, breaking down skill sets and abilities for maximum progression. All of our coaches are specially trained in the safeguarding code in martial arts, DBS checked, 1st aid and health & safety certificated. You are able to join these sessions if you are aged 16 or over.

We also have other classes that you can attend, which are Thai boxing and strength & conditioning. All of these classes will help you to get fit and complete any weight loss goals you might have.

Adult Boxing Programme

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