About Fit 2 Box


We’re really proud of our brand new Gym.

We really want to build a great work-out community here.

We want to help you build self confidence, and to get, and stay, fit and healthy.

We’re human, we’re kind, we pay attention, we smile, and we say yes.

We want you to do your part, and be delighted with your outcome.


We are industry professionals interested in the personal development of normal everyday people.

We have a growing team of specialist coaches, some having been with us for many years.

Here are the two owners:

Carl Sams has been a martial arts entrepreneur in the Bournemouth area for almost thirty years.

As Chief Instructor / Owner of the long established Bulldog Ultimate Training Academy he offered expert guidance at all levels to literally 100’s of competitors and 1000’s of participants.

His promotional brand Absolute Adrenaline produced some of the most high profile and successful events in the UK for almost 20 years, showcasing dozens of champions.

He is also a major player behind the scenes both nationally and internationally acting as a strategic consultant specialising in the development of the combat industry in general.

Bulldog Fight Store (now re-branded as Undisputed Fight Store), completes the picture as a specialist Boxing and Martial Arts retailer, officially partnered with many of the major global brands including Sandee, Fairtex, Twins, Adidas & Cleto Reyes. The store is situated at the entrance of the Fit2Box Gym.

John Orchard, with almost 20 years involvement in kickboxing and martial arts, is a natural talent, and a three times World Champion in kickboxing, and a National Champion in Boxing.

He is one of the most talented and successful Kickboxers ever in the UK.

He’s been a full time coach now for over eight years and trains at all levels from beginners through to top industry names. He now specialises in Boxing where he has continued his competitive career over the last few years.

As a much sought after talent he is endorsed by fighters and coaches alike and generally recognised as one of THE top coaches in the UK.